Until  a solution for war can be found, physical survivors of war need  treatment for the sometimes-lifelong PTSD they contract. If you are a  veteran, or know of a veteran that may be exhibiting PTSD symptoms,  please check out this website:

Be  advised however, that the “self-help” section of this website may seem  patronizing.  It gives advice on how to live with stress. If you think  you are coping with PTSD you may be physically healthy but not  necessarily mentally well.  Further stressors can trigger unwanted  actions. Do not stop with the self-help section but obtain a medical  opinion.

Current treatment of war related PTSD often involves life-long treatment for which there is little funding. Recommended  current treatment uses psychotherapy and/or antidepressants. Some studies of PTSD offer a virtual reality reenactment and, where it has helped some veterans, others have found the experience too difficult to continue the therapy. Newer studies are looking into the use of Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) and Ketamine; drugs that you might ask your doctor about.

If you're an Oregon Veteran a Veteran's service organization may be helpful at: